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Create More Accurate Sales Forecasts

The Owl’s intuitive sales and demand planning dashboard make it easy for you to identify opportunities to improve forecast performance, prevent repetitive negative trends and inform sales forecasts in real time.


Consumer buying patterns are constantly evolving, making it tough to accurately forecast inventory levels you will need to meet demand. With The Owl you can quickly visualize how your sales stack up against forecasts, then find ways to keep pace with fluctuations in demand.


Without KPIs, it is impossible to improve forecast accuracy. Here are some of the most critical metrics every demand planner should monitor regularly: 

Forecast Accuracy

Forecast Bias

Forecast Value Add

Changes to Forecast


See forecast error for individual items in just a few clicks

Identify which product categories are causing most of the pain in your supply chain

Improving demand projections to provide healthy estimates about future customer orders is crucial for enabling a customer, demand-driven supply chain. Understanding trends by product, incorporating point-of-sale (POS) consumption patterns and factoring replenishment policies are activities that consume significant time and effort.


Despite advancements in technology, planner’s judgement continues to be a key differentiation point. With the OWL, planners can simplify their access to key information so they can improve decision making, which in turn will increase their chances to provide accurate demand projections. 

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