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Control Logistics Costs

Illustration of the earth with various methods of transportation navigating it.

It’s inevitable, and it’s probably already happened.

At some point, you’ll be caught off guard by supply chain disruptions. It’s frustrating because they are typically unexpected and result in extra operational costs due to expedited freight, changes in transportation methods, and additional warehousing costs tied to excess inventory.

While you can’t predict the disruptions, you can easily measure your logistics spending through data. This enhanced visibility will allow you to visualize your spending against your budgets and targets – making it easier to find ways to make it more efficient.

Why It Matters

Without visible KPIs, it’s impossible to identify specific areas for improvement.

We always say, you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

A snapshot of the platform's reporting on logistic cost by year. It appears as a bar graph with a range of logistic costs by month.
A snapshot of the platform of the logistic cost by type of cost. It appears as a simple title outlining different elements of cost.

What You’ll See with The Owls Platform:

​Transportation spending for individual locations, lanes, and carriers

Historical trends with real-time logistics dashboards


Visibility and Cost Savings Through…

  • Automatically identifying extra operational costs with smart alerts 

  • Correcting unwanted extra costs due to modes of transportation, carrier, or allocation changes

See How it Works!

Headshot of Andre Teixeira, VP of Global Supply Chain, Jamieson Wellness.

"A highly impressive solution, that has allowed us to measure our performance with real-time data, cut reporting times, and increase our end-to-end supply chain visibility."

Andre Teixeira

VP of Global Supply Chain, Jamieson Wellness

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