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Meet Our Customers

We work with a variety of companies within different industries such as manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail and more. Our platform can be used by multiple people within an organization, saving time on reporting and identifying opportunities for improvement. We can also work with you to white label our solution. See what our customers are saying about working with us.

"A highly impressive solution, that has allowed us to measure our performance with real-time data, cut reporting times, and increase our end-to-end supply chain visibility."

Andre Teixeira

VP of Global Supply Chain, Jamieson Wellness

Headshot of Andre Teixeira, VP of Global Supply Chain, Jamieson Wellness.

"We've been able to increase our company's bottom line with The Owl's simple, yet powerful analytics tool that displays real-time KPIs for our supply chain."

Eisuke Okazaki

Head of Planning, ENEOS (USA)

Image of the ENEOS logo on an orange background.

"The Owl's quality control dashboard has been incredibly useful for us. Prior to The Owl, we were manually pulling data, but now, we have added visibility and our time spent on quality control reporting has been reduced by 50%. The system itself is easy to use and allows us to drill down into specific details quickly. The platform is user-friendly and has an exceptional team of experts behind it.”

Jacqueline Vanderbeck

Microbiology Manager, Jamieson Wellness


"The Owl's dashboard provides us with a convenient one-stop shop to access pre-defined criteria, resulting in significant time savings and a greater focus on driving changes instead of data vetting. The exceptional customer service delivered by their team, coupled with their deep knowledge and expertise, has provided invaluable insights and a fresh perspective, allowing us to allocate more time to critical tasks."

Laura Baillargeon

Quality Systems & Validation Manager, Jamieson Wellness


"Before using The Owl, managing inventory and demand planning was an incredibly time-consuming process, dealing with projections months in advance and frequent changes for each store. The Owl's automation has brought about a remarkable transformation, enabling us to eliminate manual Excel-driven operations, save time, and enhance our forecasting accuracy. The Owl's responsive team and open communication make working with them a positive experience, and the automation has allowed us to find answers faster."

Clayton Reano

Customer Service & Analytics Manager, Pradco Outdoor Brands

Pradco (1).png

Channel Partners

"Being able to use The Owl's software as a white label solution has been a key selling feature for our brand. Mercado customers are receptive to The Owl's sophisticated analytics, as our importers rely on real-time data to manage their supply chains. This is a fantastic software that was clearly built by subject matter experts. "

Robert Garrison

CEO, Mercado Labs

Headshot of Rob Garrison, CEO of Mercado.

"It's always great to work with a team that takes time to understand the needs of your business and customers. The Owl team has been fantastic in their responsiveness, insights, and clear understanding of the supply chain industry. The implementation process was a breeze, and we are thrilled to be working with them as a trusted partner."

Rebecca Rizzuti

VP of Customer Success, Mercado Labs

Headshot of Rebecca Rizzuti, VP of Customer Success, Mercado Labs

Video Testimonials

Click below to learn more about the benefits of having increased visibility over your supply chain and how we can help you achieve this.

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