Improve Inventory Turnover and Reduce Write-Downs

It’s challenging to accurately project inventory levels without a unified, real-time view of all the replenishment drivers. With The OWL you can instantly see the full picture of your organization’s inventory levels. Intuitive dashboards empower your supply chain team to make smarter purchase decisions which will ultimately reduce slow moving and obsolete inventory while increasing inventory turnover.


Without KPIs, it is impossible to improve inventory turnover and cash-to-cash cycles. Leveraging the OWL platform, inventory managers can:

See inventory turnover levels for individual items in just a few clicks.

Spot historical trends with real-time inventory dashboards.

Automatically identify slow moving inventory items with smart alerts.

Prevent inventory write-downs due to obsolete materials and finished goods.

Here are some of the most critical metrics every inventory management professional should monitor regularly:

Days of Inventory

Inventory Turnover

Inventory at Expiration Risk

Projected Inventory Value