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Achieve Greater Service Levels and Eliminate Non-compliance Penalties

Consumer demand patterns and customer replenishment policies are constantly changing, making it tough to accurately meet orders and delivery requirements on time and in full. With The Owl you can quickly visualize service level performance and then find ways to keep pace with fluctuations in demand.


Without KPIs, it is impossible to improve service level and provide an amazing experience to your customers. Customer service, sales and supply chain managers can leverage the OWL platform to:

See OTIF delivery performance for individual items and stores in just a few clicks

Identify which product categories are causing most of the pain in your supply chain

See service level by customers

Automatically identify non-compliance items with smart alerts

Here are some of the most critical metrics every inventory management professional should monitor regularly:

In Full Service Level

On Time Service Level

On Time In Full Service Level

Lost Sales & Penalties 

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