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Improve Reliability from your Suppliers via Enhanced Visibility and Control

Excel spreadsheets and gut feelings are not reliable tools to manage relationships with your supplier base. The OWL allows you to easily find, scrub and visualize the data you need to answer the critical supply chain questions that are vital for your business.


You cannot manage your suppliers more effectively if you do not have the full picture on performance. With The OWL you can quickly understand who your top performing suppliers are, and who is missing the mark to find ways to improve supply reliability and responsiveness.


Without KPIs, it is impossible to improve supply reliability and delivery compliance. Leveraging the OWL platform, procurement professionals can:

Take the pulse on overall health of supplier relationships with our on-time delivery insights.

Know exactly which suppliers are delivering on time and in full to improve supply reliability and mitigate risk.

Filter performance data by business unit, product category, SKU and purchase order line.

Spot supply risks derived from geographical concentration and single sourcing.

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