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Welcome to the Owl Analytics

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Dear Customer,

We’re delighted to share some exciting news with you! Starting November 1st, you will be able to access our new portal using the following link


As we transition you to this new experience, your access to the existing portal will remain active for the next 30 days.


The new version of the Owl Analytics solution will bring an enhanced user experience by providing you with the following new features:

  • Company Scorecard in the Summary window

Managing a supply chain is a dynamic, multi-variable task. For that reason, we’ve developed the metrics hub, a place for the top business performance indicators you monitor in your supply chain. Here, you can access a global overview of the health of your supply chain and benchmark your latest results against previous years, months, or weeks.


This section is also accessible via mobile, so you won’t miss any updates while on the go!

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  • Key Performance Indicators in the Analytics window

A powerful library of dynamic reports and analytics to help you manage your business data at the ease of a few clicks. In this section, you will see the specific collection of analytics subscribed with the Owl, tailored to your needs and with data refreshed daily.

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  • Knowledge base in the Learn window

An online repository of resources with curated content for you, a place where you can consult about the Owl Analytics fundamentals, learn about supply chain best practices, and book a meeting with our supply chain experts.

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  • Manage your account in the Settings window

You will see a new icon on the upper right-hand side of the portal. Here you can check active users assigned to your account, as well as details about your organization and roles. Also, you will be able to see when the last time was each active user logged in.

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