Ryan's guest for this episode is the incomparable Kim Wolf. Kim has held a variety of high-effect positions in the world of manufacturing, and her outlooks provide an extremely provoking conversation with our host. They discuss the importance of marrying strategic initiatives with technical manufacturing processes, capturing the bulk of money is spent in a manufacturing company, and how Kim sees the future of manufacturing. This is a definitive "can't miss".

In the premiere episode of the "Owl's Nest Podcast"s second season, Ryan sits down with Nathan Dorsch to discuss the bottom line effect of sourcing activities, including how Nathan sees vital importance in creating - and solidifying - relationships within his company.

As the boom in eCommerce continues to take place, the importance of having a solid supply chain strategy in support of that growth is vital. In this episode, Ryan sits down with his guests Christina Wallaert and Mike Ryan to discuss the supply chain considerations that are vital infrastructure for eCommerce growth.

In this episode, our guests Katya Vladykina and Kevin Koonce discuss the integral aspects of supplier communication, how supplier management fits within a company's data strategy, and how the active management of suppliers might change in the next few years.


Because of their varied and extensive backgrounds, the ideas that Katya and Kevin talk of are very applicable and adept, and the conversation is entertaining, to say the least.

In the second half of our conversation with Jay Davis and Hugo Fuentes, we discuss the supply chain indicators that will be vital moving forwards, and how a gradually evolving and growing data strategy can be baked into a company's foundation.

In this weeks episode, our guest Gillian LaPointe discusses how material planning affects a company's bottom line. She talks about her experience working in the automotive industry, collaborating with over seas suppliers, and managing her strategic goals while collaborating with other departments. Hear more about her story by clicking below. 

Supply chain visibility is an integral aspect of a company's overall health and viability. In this episode of The Owl's Nest Podcast, our guests Jit Hinchman and Colby Young join Ryan to discuss the challenges that tend to block supply chain visibility, the connection between visibility and resiliency in a supply chain, and the importance of giving your suppliers visibility into your supply chain. It's quite a listen - enjoy!

In this episode of The Owl's Nest, Ryan sits down with Anthony Clervi, Growth Advocate at Una. Anthony and Ryan discuss what makes someone a "sourcing hero", the integral role data plays in a company's data strategy, and how some sourcing challenges are actually opportunities, amongst other topics.

In an episode that is equal parts informative and entertaining, Michael Ryan and Andrew Johnson sit down with us to discuss topics such as the future of inventory management, how a company can prepare for ever-increasing eCommerce from an inventory standpoint, and the common inventory challenges they see on a regular basis.

In the initial Owl's Nest Podcast, guests Jay Davis and Hugo Fuentes sit down with us to discuss virtual leadership, scenario planning, and the perception of supply chains in the media and within executive boardrooms. Definitely a must-listen, especially in this time of crisis.

In this episode, our guest Erin Jernigan discusses the bottom line effect of aligning a logistics department with customer purpose, understanding internal KPI's and "self-directed growth", and the future of logistics. Definitely a must-listen!

How do unconscious biases affect the way people perform demand planning? This is one of the questions that Ryan discusses with his guests, Dr. John Burkhardt and Jonathon Karelse. The discussion is centred around how the theoretical nature of behavioural economics influences the practical world of demand planning. A definite must-listen!

In this episode, our guests Martha Lumatete and Dyci Sfregola share their expertise on such engaging topics as the conditions necessary for a successful digital transformation, the preparation required before purchasing a cloud-based system, and the importance of involving a company's current supply base as they digitalize their supply chain. Definitely a can't-miss conversation!

In this episode of The Owl's Nest Podcast, data experts Greta Cutulenco and Hugo Fuentes spread their truth about topics such as data security and data quality, and how both aspects tie into the development of an overall data strategy.

Hugo joins Sarah on the Let's Talk Supply Chain show to chat about how to identify your supply chain pain points and the next steps on what to do next to simplify your supply chain performance.