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What Santa and Supply Chains Have in Common

This has been a tough year for global supply chains. Let’s see what happens when this year’s complications reach The North Pole.

Inventory - Similar to manufacturers waiting for product from suppliers, the elves are unable to produce toys due to scare raw materials.

Transportation – Like the global shipping container complications, Santa is also facing transportation problems with his sleigh.

Logistics – The support of the reindeer is crucial for the supply chain, but they’re sick and unable to work. We’ve seen this reflected in the truck driver shortages and covid 19 cross boarder regulations.

End Consumers – Upset children weep as they did not receive their Christmas gifts, while the parents are in distress having to deescalate the situation. In this scenario, the children would reflect the end consumer who did not receive the final product, while the parents represent business owners who must deal with irritated end consumers.

Just a reminder that there are many moving parts to the global supply chain. Everyone is doing their best this holiday season. Remember to be kind to one another. There is always opportunity for growth and improvement within you supply chain. Learn how, here. Happy Holidays and stay safe everyone!

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