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Maximize Your ROI with Our Full-Serve Supply Chain Analytics Solution

The Owl Solution: Crafted by Supply Chain Professionals for You.

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What you’ll achieve?

Gain real-time KPIs for Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Reduce Errors and Improve Accuracy

Drive Performance through Data-Driven Decisions

How it Works?


Discover Your Objectives & Align KPIs


Seamless Data Integration by our Team


Visualize Insights via Unified Dashboard


Guided Usage & Ongoing Support from Experts


Observe Tangible Results in Just 5 Months

Customer Success Story:

"We've been able to increase our company's bottom line with The Owl's simple, yet powerful analytics tool that displays real-time KPIs for our supply chain."

Eisuke Okazaki

Head of Planning, ENEOS (USA)

Image of the ENEOS logo on an orange background.

To learn how we were able to help a manufacturing company save $500K on nearly expired inventory, click here.

Which areas of supply chain can we help?

Customer Demand Planning

Sales Forecast Performance by Customers

Inventory Projection

Inventory Projection and Days of Inventory Outstanding (DIO)

Inventory Expiration

Inventory Projection and Days of Inventory Outstanding (DIO)

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Our Solution is:

5x Faster than Building Internally

80% Cheaper than Developing In-House

Guarantees a 5x annual ROI minimum

Ready to Cut Costs, Mitigate Risks, and Boost Supply Chain Performance? Let’s Connect.

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