Managing modern supply chains is demanding, but measuring supply chain performance should be simple. 

The Owl cloud-based software sits on top of company's transactional systems, such as an ERP, and automatically collects data required to produce performance metrics recommended by industry best-practices.

A frictionless user experience, from data to actionable insights.

Improve supply chain performance, sooner

Excel spreadsheets and gut feel aren’t reliable tools to manage supply chain performance.The Owl allows you to easily find, scrub and visualize the data you need to answer the critical supply chain questions that are vital for your business.

Boost supplier performance

You can’t manage your suppliers more effectively if you don’t have the full picture on performance. With The Owl you can quickly understand who your top performing suppliers are, and who’s missing the mark to find ways to improve supply reliability and responsiveness.

  • Take the pulse on overall health of your supplier relationships with our on-time delivery insights 

  • Know exactly which suppliers are delivering on time and in full to improve supply reliability and mitigate risk 

  • See performance data by buyer 

Improve inventory turnover 

It’s challenging to accurately forecast inventory demand without access to real-time insights. With The Owl you can instantly see the full picture on your organization’s inventory levels. Intuitive dashboards empower your supply chain team to make smarter purchase decisions, helping you reduce inventory write-offs.

  • See inventory turnover levels for individual items in just a few clicks


  • Spot historical trends with real-time inventory dashboards


  • Automatically identify slow moving inventory items with smart alerts 

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