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The Owl Solutions Brings New Superpowers to Manufacturers to Visualize and Eliminate Supply Chain Plastic Use

September 29, 2022 - TORONTO, CANADA

Earth and Space

Yesterday at CIFST ALT Food and Beverage organizations charged with reducing plastic use and consumption were presented with a new platform that not only allows them to visualize and measure plastic use and costs across their supply chain network but take action on making more strategic and environmentally friendly decisions for the future.

Plastic packaging represents a significant portion of a manufacturer's environmental footprint. The linear flow of plastic through the value chain is one of the primary sources of CO2 emissions and environmental pollution. More than 29,000 metric tons of plastic are discarded each year through the manufacturing supply chain, and yet manufacturers still cannot measure their waste or easily identify areas for improvement. 

The solution, unveiled to those in attendance by The Owls co-founder Miguel Gallardo, is an innovative new module of The Owl’s Supply Chain Performance Management platform allowing manufacturers to use supply chain data to see in near real time their spending on plastic, plastics used calculated in tons, recyclable plastic used, percentage of recyclable plastic and number of parts.


“We are living in a climate crisis where carbon emissions and plastic waste are significant threats. Companies are seeking alternatives to help, but it’s difficult to determine how to get started.  With this new module, we put the ability to measure plastic use, costs, material information and supplier information at every manufacturer’s fingertips."


– Miguel Gallardo, CPO of The Owl. 

To learn more about The Owls’ Packaging module, please email for a one pager or to book a short introductory call. 

About The Owl Solutions

The Owl Solutions is a supply chain data analytics company that helps mid-sized businesses improve the performance of their operations by providing best-in class visibility and expert support. The Owl is an SDTC funded technology venture. For more information visit


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