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Leveraging Technology for Performance Improvement in Manufacturing Supply Chains

A guide for developing improvements in supply chain performance in SMBs

Today’s business landscape is more intricate than ever, and has challenged the principles of conventional supply chain practices. The ability to make timely and accurate business decisions has never been more vital to organizational survival and success. Forward-thinking executives are looking for ways to create more value and improve performance across their supply chain including procurement.

In this webinar, we will share concrete tips and actionable techniques to help professionals move supply chains forward.

Join us as we identify the increased role of actionable data and insights for supply chain and how data, combined with the introduction of best practices, enable company-wide performance improvements.

Title: Leveraging Technology for Performance Improvement in Manufacturing Supply Chains

            Date: February 23, 2pm EST


Hugo Fuentes
CEO - The Owl Solutions

Hugo has over 20 years of experience building and leading supply chain organizations in multiple geographies and industries. He holds degrees in Industrial Engineering and Master of Science in Maritime Economics and Logistics from Erasmus University in The Netherlands. 

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