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Toronto Supply Chain Meetup Launches Startup Showcase for Industry Leaders and Investors

February 21, 2023 - TORONTO, CANADA



Toronto Supply Chain Meetup Launch Startup Showcase for Industry Leaders and Investors. 


Toronto, ON - On February 23 at 6:30pm, The Toronto Supply Chain Meetup, a community of supply chain enthusiasts who gather to exchange knowledge, information, and insights about trends, is hosting their launch event - The Toronto Supply Chain Meetup - Startup Showcase. 


The event will feature keynote speeches from leading industry experts including Toronto Global, LatAm Startups and The Owl Solutions. These sponsors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and their speeches will provide valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges in the supply chain industry.  


In addition to the keynote speeches, the Startup Showcase event will feature pitches from three innovative supply chain startups: Carbon Graph, Ghaubee and Preteckt. Each startup will have 10 minutes to pitch their organization to a wide audience of supply chain professionals, investors, and potential partners. 


The Toronto Supply Chain Meetup is being launched in partnership with TWSCF, a collaborative and mutually supportive coalition of grassroots communities focused on technology and innovation in the global supply chain industry. This chapter will be the first in the city of Toronto, fostering greater collaboration and innovation within the industry both locally and globally.  


Karan Agrawal one of the leading organizers of the Toronto Supply Chain Meetup says:

““We started the Toronto Supply Chain Meet-Up to nurture a vibrant supply chain community in the Greater Toronto Area. Supply chains touch every person on Earth, and against the backdrop of numerous disruptions in the last 5 years, its future has never been more clear. Our aim is to bring together a community that facilitates ongoing discussions and growth around building world-class supply chains.”

The Startup Showcase and Toronto Supply Chain Meetup events are not exclusive to Toronto businesses. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporate and economic development leaders in the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario are invited to participate as well.

“Our Meetup offers a unique chance for supply chain professionals to network in person and form meaningful relationships. Through these events, we provide an invigorating environment which encourages innovation, knowledge and sharing - all while creating lasting connections.” says Olivia Santucci, one of the lead organizers.

For more information, and to register for the event, visit the event page:


Registering for the event will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to connect with industry experts, network with fellow professionals, and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the supply chain industry. 

About The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation

The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation is a collaborative, and mutually supportive coalition of open and multidisciplinary grassroots communities focused on supply chain, innovation, and technology. 


About Toronto Global

Toronto Global is a non-profit investment attraction agency that supports the expansion of foreign-owned businesses to the Toronto Region.

About LatAm Startups

About LatAm Startups

LatAm Startups is a leading accelerator centre, bringing the world’s top innovators to the Canadian Tech market and helping them scale globally from Toronto.


About The Owl Solutions 

The Owl Solutions is a cutting-edge supply chain performance platform transforming mid-sized manufacturers with data-driven insights and actions. 

For more information contact: 

Olivia Santucci: Toronto Supply Chain Meetup Co-Organizer

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