Let's Face It. 

Supply Chain Reporting Sucks.

Light Through Curtain
Living in the dark  

Many manufacturers and distributors operate unaware of million-dollar profit boosting opportunities  

Why carry $2 million on inventory that you don’t need?

Why rely on suppliers that deliver only 50% of the time the quantity you asked for, when you needed it?

Why lose 25% of revenue because you don’t have available stock?

Why lose $1 million in profits due to expired products? 

The Owl brings unmatched clarity

A solution that feeds users with quantifiable, actionable opportunities to improve supply chain performance

Intelligent, cloud-based software that transform uncontextualized data into meaningful information for improving decision making

Visual, intuitive user interface that guides and alerts managers and operators about performance anomalies and improvement opportunities

Powerful integrations with multiple data sources, including ERP, WMS, CRM and other systems

Pre-built supply chain performance metrics for every industry that are consistent with well-known industry best practices   

Outstanding customer experience provided by our supply chain concierge support

Fast time to value from data integration to starting to see supply chain performance improvements 


The Owl: one platform, all your supply chain metrics

Save time and stop checking multiple systems.

How The Owl works

The Owl: one platform, all your supply chain metrics

Easily onboard the solution in 1 week.




We integrate with your system(s) to enable extraction of relevant data. Then, The Owl  harmonizes, organizes and provides meaning to data

Customers access a dashboard with real-time metrics and start receiving concrete, actionable and measurable performance improvement opportunities  

The Owl supply chain concierge works with the customer to capitalize on improvement opportunities, providing on-going execution support


The Owl: accelerate supply chain reimagination

Reduce frustration, improve faster

How The Owl is different 

The Owl: more than a platform, a solution.

The more you see, the more you save.


A monthly subscription investment, pricing scales with number of users and modules used. 

DIWY vs Do-It-Yourself

The Owl is a DIWY (Do-It-With-You) solution. Spreadsheets and BI solutions leave you on your own. The Owl succeeds when you improve supply chain performance

Supply Chain Best Practices

The Owl comes with a pre-built set of industry metrics that have been carefully selected because of their proven impact on improving performance

Multi-source integration

The Owl harmonizes supply chain data coming from multiple, disparate data sources 

Customers experience

What do they say about The Owl:

“Without The Owl Solutions expertise and help, I believe that we would not have been able to get our key performance metrics front and center in our process across the entire team. The Owl data analytics is a powerful add to any supply chain transformation process”

Karon Evanoff

VP Global Supply Chain


Electronics manufacturer

Orange County, CA

“The Owl platform provides us with priceless opportunities to monitor and improve the delivery performance from our suppliers. For our business, improving on time in full availability of materials is key. We source thousands of ingredients and components globally, and having near real-time insights on that process is paramount for realizing our operational efficiency goals

Sean Doyle

Director, Procurement

Jamieson Laboratories

  CPG manufacturer

Toronto, ON


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