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Inventory Expiration

Do you face the same challenges as most manufacturers?

Struggling to track product expiration amidst messy supply chain data that is scatted across siloed systems?

What does that mean for your team?

Hours are wasted extracting data from different sources and vetting it, all just to create analysis and reports.


It’s time consuming, outdated, and worst of all, leads to missed opportunities for preventing inventory expiration.

The Owl simplified this process with our user-friendly inventory expiration module. We support your team by doing all of the heavy lifting.

See how our solution saved a customer $500,000 in inventory write-offs below.


Data collection & integration is handled by The Owl team – streamlining all your data  into one central location in the cloud.


We display data into a simple dashboard that shows your real-time KPIs


Built in workflow, allowing users to coordinate and track action items with other teammates. 

How It Works:

The inventory expiration module will give you peace of mind - leave you feeling confident about your data and supply chain performance.


You can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

Visibility into Inventory Turnover

Smart Alerts for Products Approaching Expiration

Increased Productivity

Cost Savings

Ongoing Monthly Expert Support

Try It Out Yourself

Use Cases:

Identify and Manage Risks (1).png
Eisuke Okazaki, Head of Planning, ENEOS (External).png
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Ready to start reducing inventory waste?

Schedule a short 15 minute intro call HERE.

To learn more about the importance of inventory expiration and how to prevent it, click here

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