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Inventory Expiration

How amazing would it be to reduce inventory write-offs, with high-quality, real-time, centralized data?

That’s what we help our customers do everyday through DIA.


All your data will be pooled into once central location in the cloud


Near real-time analytics will ensure you are looking at the most accurate data in our user-friendly dashboard


Ongoing support by our team who has years of experience conducting root cause analysis and implement improvement plans

As former supply chain folks, we understand the struggles of managing inventory “the old way” through spreadsheets.


So, we wanted to introduce a “new way” that would simplify the complex process.


Benefits of our Inventory Expiration Module:

Visibility into Inventory Turnover Levels for Individual Items

Less Time Spent in Spreadsheets, More Time Spent on Action Plans

Automatically Identify Slow Moving Inventory Items with Smart Alerts

Improved Bottom Line

Ongoing Expert Support

Eisuke Okazaki, Head of Planning, ENEOS (External).png

Ready to see how easy your job could be with our solution?

Don’t waste another minute caught up in spreadsheets.

Schedule a short 15 minute intro call HERE.

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