Improve Reliability By Focusing On OTIF

Use our procurement based module to improve supplier, product and purchase order reliability.

Make Informed Decisions Regarding Suppliers

Imagine if you were ordering a birthday gift from an online store and it arrived 3 days later than you were told! You would probably make the decision to complain or order from a different store. Similarly, The Owl will give you insights such as whether your suppliers are delivering goods on time and in full so that you can take action to improve.

Know How Well Each Product Is Being Supplied

What if your suppliers are performing well for most products but they aren't delivering your most important product on time and in full? It's not enough to simply know how well each supplier is performing. Instead, The Owl will give insights about the supply of each individual product so that you can prioritize the supply of your most important and profitable merchandise.

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Monitor Each and Every Purchase Order 

The speed at which your orders get supplied to you means nothing if your supplier isn't receiving your requests on time. Monitoring purchase order details will allow you to see which purchases suppliers were able to fulfill in full and on time so that you can make nessecary changes so that you can clearly communicate to your suppliers. 

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